Childhood Memory (part-1)

Remember the incidents from your childhood?

I am going to share one of mine here and probably you all might have experienced it in your childhood.

It’s the story of me as a foodie and my beautiful mother. My mom is a dexterous cook and in winters she used to cook carrot based sweet dessert pudding (Gajar Ka Halwa) for me. And it’s a heavenly experience to eat it after all it’s one of my favourite dishes. Any which way, it’s mouth-watering dish and with mom’s love it’s just inexpressibly amazing. (maa ke hath ka khana ab bs khate rehjana).

As a jolly kid I used to eat it before it came to dining table. Even while it was still cooking I used to go into the kitchen and eat it quietly. At least for the sake of tasting I used to be there, right!

One day, when Mom was cooking it she asked me to stand near the kitchen counter and stir it after every 5minutes and she strictly instructed me not to even touch it as few of my father’s colleagues were visiting us that day. But was it possible for me to not to taste it? Of course, not! My hands reached the spoon and I ate a spoon full of uncooked pudding and guess what? What it did to my mouth? It burnt my mouth but it was tasty. So, I took one more spoon full of pudding and this time after waiting for a little time to make it less warm I ate it and I did this for several times and as my mom reached the pudding was about to be cooked and she found the quantity half of what she thought it could be.

“You ate it again even after I warned you,” my mom shouted in anger.

“But mom I just tasted it,” I whispered.

“Don’t lie to me, I saw you eating,” she exclaimed.

“You weren’t there mom,” I said and smile.

“And you just found guilty my son,” she said and smiled.

“Mom, I didn’t,” I said and tried to make a puppy face.

“It’s ok, son. But you will get a punishment and as I just had words with your father and he said his friends aren’t coming today now you have to help me finishing it.”

I smiled and hugged my mother and we both ate it after dinner.

You were thinking it isn’t a big deal and I must be happy about that; of course. Alas! there’s a twist my friend.

Let’s Just get back to the when it happened.

“You weren’t there mom,” I said and smile.

“And you just found guilty my son,” she said and smiled.

“Mom, I didn’t,” I said and tried to make a puppy face.

“It’s ok, son. But you will get a punishment and you won’t get any more of it to eat tonight, not even a spoon and as I just had word with the maid and she isn’t coming so you have to help me with all these utensils.” She said and left for the hall. Despite trying hard to convince my mom I got a little bowl of pudding to eat. And my half of the time was spent with the dishes and bowls while all the people in my house watched TV.

You must be thinking, it is so minuscule but you didn’t see the message coming there. You get things right in your life, things to live happily with, people to go out, the ones care for you, always be there for you, the ones who never complain and if they do they explain, the people who always forgive you and never notice your harshness over them and even if they do, they understand. They always uplift you in your life, and this is all you need and all of these ingredients make life heavenly delicious. The ones who helps you get over animosity, sometimes slowly and completely or sometimes just by distracting you from the unpleasant taste of your mouth. You may find them while tasting all the eye catching food, in between the best cuisines, charmingly designed starters, in mouth-watering desserts and also when you just tasted the bitter lemon, when you just got the chilly stuck on your tongue, or when you ate rotten tomato. But what you do? In your good times you forget to care about them and when you find them during the worst of your life you take them for granted.

You start consuming them even before they are completely able to heal you, even before they become the best for you, before getting the real taste, you start making them the rest.

Sometimes not being in the knowledge of their taste or sometimes just to avoid the bitterness you are going through in your life or trying to kill it, you start consuming all the sweetness and maybe you get hurt initially but there are some cases where you should let them get them prepared, where they come to their real complete deliciousness but there are chances that you might lose time, and you might or might not get the chance to taste the delightful them. I regretted that night, not getting to eat my favourite dish, but I learnt one of the most generous lessons of life.

We all get into the situations like this and it is ok to balance the bitterness with sweetness, hatred with love, sadness with happiness, good with bad and it actually helps us in maintaining our life but it’s not ok when even after consuming all the good things in our life but still getting stuck to the bad.

I know it’s hard to get over the bitterness but even the sugar has the tendency to get dissolved and you can enjoy it only when you get over the other. And the best thing is that it’s in your hand what you like to choose after all, you only set your priority.

Share your views.

Thanks for reading.

Udit gour (@udit.gour)







Colors of life

Hey guys, after a long span of time stranger is here with a new poem “COlORS of LIFE” 

Looking at the sky wishing for my angel I scorched my eyes by the tensed light of the sun…

When I woke I found myself tangled in the blue,

In the dearth of joy, I started looking for the red love…

No green in the life but behaving like the dove…

Engraving for the food 

I found Black and got banished for forbidden fruit…

Shaping the path again, I fall down to the earth. 

Kissed the dust and felt the gray…rising up after the failure I found the indigo.

It filled me with the zeal and powered me to let my falls go.. . .

While trying to fly, the shine bleached my eyes often. . .

But as the cloud appeared the darkness of shadow made it soften. 

Like the yellow, they supported me in my rise… 

Like a drastic thought of solitude, never to materialize.”

Description: It is a story of a bird who wish for his angel to come to him and adore him but while looking he faces the tormenting shine of sun which burn his eyes. He found himself in tantrum and sadness but with a desire of love. There was no greenery near him from which he can fulfill his life. Things he founds were not worthy enough. He didn’t give up and started looking for a path but he loses the battle again and touched the ground. Again sadness kissed him hard. He lost his small wings but he was determined to live and as get motivation from the shadows of cloud he founds solace and with a new zeal he starts trying to find out the reason for life. It is just a thought of aloofness.

Valentine’s post

“I felt very sad when I was going through my diary and found nothing to post on Valentine. But the pages stormed deeply inside my head and burned themselves to come up with new ashes.”
And here is something which I found in those ashes..
” She had covetousness to touch the stars, He took her in between the fireflies “

Only lion knows

“It’s after the forrest’s rain drain, the lion knew who he’s in love with”
It means, that when you’re with a person who’s terrible or intolerable or maybe just going through a bad phase, it’s after you be with him for all the while in his bad time you’ll truly realise that you love him when he’s sane.
It’s like the bad time is like the rain when everything’s cloudy or foggy or thunderous, but after it all clears out into a beautiful dusk, you realise what you really feel for that person so just hang in there.

Bunjo. . .

Hello people, Stranger is here with a loving experience of his Bunjo. . . .

I was shivering in the foggy night, it was one of the coldest night of the year. Shrieking in the night I was searching for a place to spend my night. I was wearing my only jacket which was not enough to save me from the cold.
Waiting in front of my house, I was hoping for someone to open the door and take me in but no one does. As night was moving, the cold was increasing hastily. My ears and head were blocked due to icy wind.
Hopelessly I sat on the steps of my house, I was disturbed, lost in thoughts, frozen in cold. No one was there to help me.
I was drowsed but my auricle is opened, the sound of chain and grumbling of something strikes me. There was something behind the second door of my house; it was like someone is struggling there. But the drowsiness left me straightens.
Sometime later, I feel something warm moving swiftly on my face and then on my palms back to back. I stood and saw, and what I saw made me feel the real love and caressing. He was my Bunjo, who was there to help me out with a blanket he uses in his house.
That was a pure love I saw in his eyes. We sat closer to each other and spent the whole night together and it reminded me of the incident with which I met my Bunjo.
It was a same shrieking night of winter I was in my room which is just next to the gallery of my house. I closed my work and moved to bed. It was 12:30 am already but tonight I didn’t get the sleep. I was trying sleep but it was uneasy to sleep because my windows were leaking chilled air. I shifted my bed a little to sleep. And finally, I got to sleep after few minute.
The main door of my house get dashed with a boom, it shattered my sleep. The next minute I hear the noise barking, some dogs were fighting there. I ignored it as a usual thing and get back to my dreams. Another dash at the main door, a harsh sound, this time noisier than before.
Again I ignored it but now, there was no sign of sleep.
I was awakened so I started collecting my thoughts. It was a deep silence there, now there were no dogs to bark, even it was easy to listen to the striking sound of needle and floor. After few minute, I hear something weird, it was like someone is grumbling, and a whimpering sound was there.
I opened my door gently and I found there was puppy sitting on my door mate. He was shivering and yelping due to cold. I found some warm clothes for him and covered him and took him inside the room.
That was a day I found my best buddy Bunjo. Once I helped him and this time he saved me from the cold.
Animals are like friends, don’t treat them poorly. They are to be loved. They understand, they care, and they love. Just treat them properly.

A Book. . .

He was a creepy story hidden behind the cover, pretty enjoyable though annoying, adorning the pages with messy stories. An unreadable book filled with miseries.
Once a girl came, she tried to candid his cover. She succeeds in reading him, she sparkled some pages with the glow of her love. His book was a kind of venom, she fields it with love.
She made his monotonous book, a fairy tell.
Glowing his book she reached the creepy, annoying though lovable part and there she found the book ugly. Before reaching the last chapter of his book she left him rotten, unfolding his life in a new sort, fetching his happiness given by herself.
In some ways, she changed the last chapter and made it tragic. First, it was sorrow but she made it bliss. And while leaving, she made his story tantrum, tormenting, full of silence, messy than before.
He was a book written in the letters which were amorphous. She made them decipherable and left open for all.
But she scratched his cover so well and left him crushed. He is now readable to all, but with a crushed scrappy cover.
Now, who will pick a book with this kind of cover?
If you didn’t like the story, just read it once again with a slit change.
Put a girl on boy’s place and boy on girl’s place. #strange