Childhood Memory (Part 2)

Remember the incidents from your childhood?

Here, I am going to share one more of my childhood experience which comes from my mom. This is the second instalment of the series “Childhood Memories” and I think most of the people reading this blog have gone through this incident.

I am the second child of my parents and the statement itself makes me obliged to do anything and everything my mother, father or elder brother asks me to do. It’s about a winter morning. I used to run for my school early morning around 6 O’clock. My mother was preparing lunch for me. For a child of around 10, it’s really difficult to get ready all by himself. Because I have a brother who is pretty good with the “art of living” and learnt everything at a very little age, my parents thought I would be another genius born in their house. Unfortunately, they expected a little more out of me as I came out as a dumb kid who believed in the slip-on shoes and flip-flops because he never really understood how to tie his own shoelaces.

My father is a little strict person he wants everything perfect, effortless, and he never puts an effort in that, neither does his elder son. But for me, it was little tough to manage the knot of the tie, a creaseless uniform and proper black shining shoes for my early morning school. The reasons and impossibilities never entertained my father. But who will tell the cosy morning that I don’t need more sleep? I need to step out of my bed-sheet and have to run for school. As usual like any other morning, I was late for school, everything was in chaos. Somehow I managed to iron my school uniform, wear it in the best possible way I could, knot my tie, took the blazer in hand and put it on the couch near the exit door, picked my shoes and stepped in them. A perfect start to a day I thought, but, it wasn’t possible for obvious reasons. My mother was doing some dishes in the kitchen and so asked my father to take my lunch box from the stand and put it in my school bag. My father came holding my lunch box and the first thing he did after putting it into my school bag was scanning me from top to bottom and then bottom to top with a blank face and then shouted “ain’t you able to bend and polish your shoes or your mother will do it?”  At that time, I didn’t have the privilege of giving an ‘oh fuck!’ reaction neither did I know about it.

I went blank for a second and then shouted “mom where is the shoe polish and brush?” because she was the only one to whom I can talk like this or can show what I go through when I am not able to do certain things. Though I got a “how horrifying and dumb this kid is” expression from my father and then he left me in the trouble. A second later, my mother shouted back from the kitchen and said “It’s there only, in the cupboard beneath the staircase”. I went to the staircase and after 2minutes of searching in the cupboard and it was more than the time enough to check a 4*6 cupboard with three shelves but I didn’t find it. I again shouted in frustration “mom I can’t find it, please come and check,” and my mother replied by shouting on me with an exponential power of her voice. That’s what you get when you’re dumb alone in a group of smart people. “Get it by yourself, it would be there, yesterday itself I put it there” she shouted and “these three men will never let me sip my tea in peace” she added. I tried to find it for one more minute but didn’t and moved to drawing room in frustration where my mother was sitting with her tea in her hands and listening to her morning bhajans. “Mom is it more important for you to sit and listen to this usual bhajan, please get me the shoe brush,” I said and took a breath. I was expecting another taunt in the daily dose but my mother stood and came to me with her cup in her one hand. She put her other hand on my head and adored my hair and it wasn’t love at all, it was messing my hair which I tried to make good. I don’t know what has happened to my mother but she took me to the staircase and pointed out in between the side railing of the fourth staircase just above the cupboard and said, “see here it is, can’t you see,” I was upset with that. “How could she do this to me? She told me that it was in the cupboard but it wasn’t.” I thought. I conveyed this to her at the same moment. It was ruthless for me. My mother smiled at me and said, “I asked you to look in the cupboard and it doesn’t mean you can’t look here and there.

It was right there, in front of your eyes but you were trying to find it where it was instructed to you. You would have used your brain when the second time I asked you to look there and would have probably got It.” she made my hair with her fingers and asked me to polish my shoes fast and then she followed me to the bus stop. At that instant, it was really tough for me to understand what my mother was trying to say but now I understand it.

That’s how humans are, we have a particular set of instructions in our head on which we run our lives. We got it from our experiences and the life lessons people taught us in our life. Our present is totally biased towards our past and we notice things and observe them with the ability which we got from our past. We try to find happiness in the places where we have been taught or heard that it is there. We go straight or what we want and I guess, that’s how it must work and we never try to find it in the places which are still unnoticed, which is different from our past observations. It’s right in front of our eyes and probably looking at us smiling, or laughing on our disability of not finding it. But don’t you think it’s bad? It’s bad how we try to look for things only in the places we thought we could find it, in the person in whom we thought it’s hidden, how could we be so sure about it, how could we manage to get it the definite place where nothing is definite.

Probably, this is the reason a lot of us are running behind people and things which don’t have what they want, most of them don’t even know what they want but they are still running. One could wait and think what they want and where they will get it. One can’t find it even after searching for life in the empty cupboard just because they didn’t try to notice it above it or somewhere else. A lot of us try to look again and again in the same empty cupboard for what they want. It’s dumb; it’s dumb to look in an empty space again. Better try to find things in the uncertainty of life. In the places, one couldn’t try to notice. Find it in yourself, find it by yourself. Because there are chances that you may not find someone to tell you that you are running a blind race with enlightened hopes. Figure it out.

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Udit Gour

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Childhood Memory (part-1)

Remember the incidents from your childhood?

I am going to share one of mine here and probably you all might have experienced it in your childhood.

It’s the story of me as a foodie and my beautiful mother. My mom is a dexterous cook and in winters she used to cook carrot based sweet dessert pudding (Gajar Ka Halwa) for me. And it’s a heavenly experience to eat it after all it’s one of my favourite dishes. Any which way, it’s mouth-watering dish and with mom’s love it’s just inexpressibly amazing. (maa ke hath ka khana ab bs khate rehjana).

As a jolly kid I used to eat it before it came to dining table. Even while it was still cooking I used to go into the kitchen and eat it quietly. At least for the sake of tasting I used to be there, right!

One day, when Mom was cooking it she asked me to stand near the kitchen counter and stir it after every 5minutes and she strictly instructed me not to even touch it as few of my father’s colleagues were visiting us that day. But was it possible for me to not to taste it? Of course, not! My hands reached the spoon and I ate a spoon full of uncooked pudding and guess what? What it did to my mouth? It burnt my mouth but it was tasty. So, I took one more spoon full of pudding and this time after waiting for a little time to make it less warm I ate it and I did this for several times and as my mom reached the pudding was about to be cooked and she found the quantity half of what she thought it could be.

“You ate it again even after I warned you,” my mom shouted in anger.

“But mom I just tasted it,” I whispered.

“Don’t lie to me, I saw you eating,” she exclaimed.

“You weren’t there mom,” I said and smile.

“And you just found guilty my son,” she said and smiled.

“Mom, I didn’t,” I said and tried to make a puppy face.

“It’s ok, son. But you will get a punishment and as I just had words with your father and he said his friends aren’t coming today now you have to help me finishing it.”

I smiled and hugged my mother and we both ate it after dinner.

You were thinking it isn’t a big deal and I must be happy about that; of course. Alas! there’s a twist my friend.

Let’s Just get back to the when it happened.

“You weren’t there mom,” I said and smile.

“And you just found guilty my son,” she said and smiled.

“Mom, I didn’t,” I said and tried to make a puppy face.

“It’s ok, son. But you will get a punishment and you won’t get any more of it to eat tonight, not even a spoon and as I just had word with the maid and she isn’t coming so you have to help me with all these utensils.” She said and left for the hall. Despite trying hard to convince my mom I got a little bowl of pudding to eat. And my half of the time was spent with the dishes and bowls while all the people in my house watched TV.

You must be thinking, it is so minuscule but you didn’t see the message coming there. You get things right in your life, things to live happily with, people to go out, the ones care for you, always be there for you, the ones who never complain and if they do they explain, the people who always forgive you and never notice your harshness over them and even if they do, they understand. They always uplift you in your life, and this is all you need and all of these ingredients make life heavenly delicious. The ones who helps you get over animosity, sometimes slowly and completely or sometimes just by distracting you from the unpleasant taste of your mouth. You may find them while tasting all the eye catching food, in between the best cuisines, charmingly designed starters, in mouth-watering desserts and also when you just tasted the bitter lemon, when you just got the chilly stuck on your tongue, or when you ate rotten tomato. But what you do? In your good times you forget to care about them and when you find them during the worst of your life you take them for granted.

You start consuming them even before they are completely able to heal you, even before they become the best for you, before getting the real taste, you start making them the rest.

Sometimes not being in the knowledge of their taste or sometimes just to avoid the bitterness you are going through in your life or trying to kill it, you start consuming all the sweetness and maybe you get hurt initially but there are some cases where you should let them get them prepared, where they come to their real complete deliciousness but there are chances that you might lose time, and you might or might not get the chance to taste the delightful them. I regretted that night, not getting to eat my favourite dish, but I learnt one of the most generous lessons of life.

We all get into the situations like this and it is ok to balance the bitterness with sweetness, hatred with love, sadness with happiness, good with bad and it actually helps us in maintaining our life but it’s not ok when even after consuming all the good things in our life but still getting stuck to the bad.

I know it’s hard to get over the bitterness but even the sugar has the tendency to get dissolved and you can enjoy it only when you get over the other. And the best thing is that it’s in your hand what you like to choose after all, you only set your priority.

Share your views.

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Udit gour (@udit.gour)






The Mysteries of Realisations

Hello People, it’s been a long time since I posted my last blog. “The Mysteries of Realisations” is a mystery of stranger’s life.

And it happened! It was not a poetry I wrote for someone who doesn’t even exist,
It was not a thought I got in the middle of my ways,
It wasn’t a philosophy I created or learned for myself,
It wasn’t the feeling I got for someone,
It wasn’t for someone I know,
It wasn’t like it was seeming. It was a mystery and better a mystery for the mysterious one where I am the mysterious one. I didn’t know that it will take me so high that I will forget the deepness but I didn’t know it either that it will make me fall and touch the profundity and yet it wasn’t core because as someone told me once “it is better to be on the surface.” It was a surface indeed but can you guess the deepness if you will catch the profundity on the surface?
The way it touched, hatred me, my every thought which was indeed for me was turning wrong, I lied for once then twice then I guess it became a hobby. Each time they asked or argued I simply lied and then they started getting it in the way it was seeming; again a wrong one. My mysteries were not enough that I made my thoughts more mysterious. I didn’t get it when it happened. Well, no one gets it when it happens so I was no different.
It was about the darkness I fought for.
It was about the sun I drowned for.
It was about the rays I tried to fetch and it was about the light; the love.
I tried, I tried it harder and harder. I don’t know what is wrong but I too have longings for light, the one people are making a mystery. I know you won’t get it and how will you get it is the biggest thing. I won’t tell you, and you will never ask me. See how amazing it is. There was a thought in my bio which says “you don’t know me but you’re about to” and it was there for quite a long time then there came the light, the light of socialisation and cherishing and being cherished so I changed it and it became “you don’t know me but you’re about to and once you will know me you will love too;” desperate indeed. But I knew and I know there are things I can bet you will love.
I laughed a lot when the realisation of life kissed me again. Moron was I. Things happens and it is really good to be socialised but it’s better to be in the dark because there are no longings and as the light rays get you the way to the source of life it starts hurting. I know offence and the better half you know and if you don’t, you will discover it by yourself because you can’t get it if it doesn’t happen to you. A great saying. But sometimes life teaches you a lot and a lot more than you can’t even think and it’s better to know but there comes my point “Realisation.”
The day you will realise the things, the day you will get knowledge about life, the day when you will see the real truth, it would be the last day of your life. And the real decay starts from the day you get acknowledged by the world. And the knowledge in some ways and better I can say in many ways outrages you, your kindness, your humanity, your attitude, your surrounding and the worse, it outrages your soul because everything comes from a soul and you start collecting the mistakes in your soul where the mistakes was there in the mystic world. And same I did but thanks to god I always have some courage hidden in the corners that always help me out from the lights of darkness. See, obsessed with my darkness. But I don’t love darkness neither I am used to it. I just have the realisation and as I said “realisation” it sucks. So, I changed my bio again with the realisation and it became “you don’t know me and you will never.” Because I am a stranger and there are things even mysterious to me and those are those I can’t write down here. And still, I am on the surface.

“With the realisation but with the courage too,
It’s all about the longings for that one you always try to find in cue,
It’s not about the darkness you live in,
It’s about the light you fetch, without burning your hands,
It’s not about getting cold blooded,
It’s about having the realisation of life and walking leaving the walls behind,
Because you are unstoppable and you can’t get fade.”

The more you will know the lesser you will live and if it’s so my doom’s day not so far (self-obsession)
With each and every realisation of life, you will find yourself nearer to the death because it’s the labyrinth of life and opposite attracts.

This is the first installment of the series “the mysteries of realisations.” The next blog will be published on next Saturday night. Till then, keep shining.

Promise day

Promise have a bizarre ability to adorn your life not less than heaven and to ruin your life not less than hell. Sometimes we promise something that is abandon of our hands but we do, sometimes just to show loyalty, sometimes due to engrossment of love, people do it often, there are a lot of things we really couldn’t promise to anyone but we do. Just to ensure the future which is out of our hands. I am not saying to not to promise but commit only for the things you can handle and just try. Try to achieve them. Try to complete your promise. Promise yourself that you will work hard to complete your promise. Just work hard. At last, it doesn’t matter you get successful or not. But ensure one thing that you really work hard to achieve the things you promised. Here, I hope for your better future and I promise I will give my best to my write-ups, I will give my best in understanding people, I ensure that it will always be a 100% effort. I promise.
Happy promise day.