The Roller Coaster Ride

Hey guys, Stranger is here with an amusing experience of The Roller Coaster Ride.

The roller coaster ride,
Not less than diving in the death,
But give the experiences of life. . .
Starts with a slow endure,
Then hurt so lofty that you can’t cure. . .
As it turn slow around,
Cares and give the experience profoundly. . .
But with the next wave, it take,
It shatters your best dream, making you awake. . .
Watching from a small sight of eye,
When you see the glory of ride,
It looks perfect but actually, all lies. . .
Going up in the sky,
It feels like you are going to touch the fortune,
And all a sudden it stops when you reach the end,
And pepped you up toward the misfortune. . .
When it feels like you are not going to live your life anymore,
It retard to give you gleams of hope,
The one came into life, just to shore. . .
The sharp turns it take,
Looks like the twists of life,
Things happen to you, upright to mind shake. . .
Even when it come to end, it makes the incidence overwhelmed,
It shows all the situations of one’s life, glad or crying,
Glorious and infamous, roaring or dying. . .
A package containing all the amusement of life,
Roller coaster ride ends with calmness and bliss,
Giving you the experiences for life.
It says, when you think, things are going wrong,
Just hold on to them and they will turn around.