Hello people, Stranger is here with few questions, do answer them.
Did you ever think, why you feel helpless?
Why after putting all sincerity in time you feel worthless?
Did you ever notice why after taking all the education you found yourself unhappy?
Did you ever bothered about the reason behind your feelings? Why they get change with time.
Why you consider the whole world as the people around you. There’s a different world too …did you ever bothered about that world?
Why can’t you choose your ways to live your life?
After understanding all the facts and psychological concerns at all your elite you found no one is here to bother about the ways to get your views when you explain.
Why your character is questionable whenever things go wrong ” I hope you know what I mean”. The world judges you on its own criterion of society.
A society created by the people; for the people. For what? So that you can live happily with love and be feeling safe.
But did you feel safe? No, I guess.
Between the era of competition, selfishness, cruelty, where people are used to bullying .. No one can feel safe.
And if you don’t feel safe we can’t talk about dreaming and loving .. Why other set a limit for you? Why other has the right to limit you while doing things they don’t understand.
People wants you to do things going out of the way but no one accepts you when you go out of their league.
All are talking about change but no one is accepting.
I m not talking a particular person. I m talking about ‘you’. You may be a girl or a boy.
In this world we all suffering somewhere, in the corner of our heart there is a hidden pain all are trying to cover.
There are people who may understand you but you leaves them somewhere or didn’t catch them near.
May you find them sitting beside you, may be writing this, may be reading this, you don’t need to answer the whys, hows of others . But you really need to find out the answers for yourself. So start finding, there are lots of questions.


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. In our day to day hustle and bustle we never ponder upon these questions but they do keep them repeating and we keep them ignoring ….
    Nice text really ….
    Questioningly interesting …
    Hope to find some answers …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! This post of yours is filled with lots of ideas and lots of questions we need to really think upon. Haha, even I am speechless here, I have no answers to any of these. 😐
    Nice post, this inspires me to be introspective. 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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