He veiled his face behind his thoughts.

Hello people, Stranger is here with a new story, partially a fictitious one.
A story of a boy and a girl named Kaansh and Shayna.
Kaansh once talked to Shayna at their mutual friend’s birthday party,only an usual talk happened between them for 2 minutes. But from the first meeting, he started thinking about Shayna days and night. So many evenings he wasted waiting for her. There was a deep feeling in his heart for Shayna. At the other end, Shayna was shallow in feelings, she had a great grand friend circle and apart from that there was no need to talk to Kaansh. A boy with below the average looks. Though there was a lot of qualities in Kaansh, but they all were veiled. Till date, no one understood him and Shayna does the same.
After a while, Kaansh tried to gather some guts to talk in a person with Shayna. There was a lot of thoughts Kaansh had in his mind, plenty of feelings in heart, but zero emotions on his face. Finally, they were going to meet this evening in the nearby park to Shayna’s coaching class. Kaansh wore his favorite black shirt and Shayna came in her normal attire she used to wear while going for coaching, It was kind of usual thing for her to meet someone. But there was a lot of speciality in the moment for Kaansh.
‘Hey,’ she said.
‘Nice to see you’ Kaansh said in the humble tone, normally he is a kind of introvert.
‘Why you were so desperate to meet me’, Shayna said and chuckled.
‘Because there is a lot to say’ Kaansh said directly.
‘Look, Kaansh. Say it clearly, come to the point’ Shayna said.
‘I like you, Shayna, I really like you and love you too, I want to know you better. From the first meet of ours, I am thinking about you and only you, I can’t explain you in words that how much I love you’ Kaansh said and Shayna cut him. ‘Fuck, wait!’ there was a deep silence in them. The evening paled.
‘Listen, Shayna, let me confess’ Kaansh said again.
‘You wait, Mr silly face. You think you will say “I like you, I love you” and I will melt and say the same to you. So, you are wrong. How did you even think to propose me? Look at yourself, a shady spectacular boy, how would you think of me? I am completely out your league.’
The words dried Kaansh throat, he was feeling like someone just kicked him in his ball very hard.
But Shayna didn’t stop here. She stated few more killing words.
Kaansh had a clear and a pretty good intention, he has the feelings and he just wanted to confess, there was nothing like Shayna misleads.
Kaansh wanted to clear things but Shayna walked and didn’t give a single chance to Kaansh to elaborate.
All the feelings of Kaansh killed by Shayna and his words left, unsaid.
As usual, Shayna also misunderstood him.
But the whole incident killed Kaansh from inside. It disturbed him, he was a loner and he didn’t have the single person to tell about his feelings. Thats why, his thought left, unexplored.
He started writing his thoughts and feelings and after a time they changed into write ups, 1 liners changed into 2-page articles.
He tried to veil his face behind his thoughts and succeed, he made them his mask. And now the condition is; Shayna’s boyfriend used to send Kaansh’s write ups, she read them and get impressed every time she read. But she doesn’t know the person behind such beautiful write ups, the one who once confessed his feelings and she destroyed them.
Though she know him as her mystirious writer.
Kaansh is a stranger for her.


7 thoughts on “He veiled his face behind his thoughts.

  1. You know what? This story broke my heart. How perfectly have you presented it, I am in awe. Introverts, and being misunderstood, that is so so relatable. It gets right to the heart. I lovvve this one thought here: “He tried to veil his face behind his thoughts” This one line speaks soooo much! 😊

    Anyways, you did an amazing job, well written, and btw, is this a true story?

    Keep Shining.


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